Types of translations

Official translations are translations of documents required in proceedings before courts or other public authorities, accompanied by a translation clause with the imprint of the translator’s official stamp.


Official translations may be performed exclusively by a translator who is registered in the list of experts, interpreters and translators maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.


Official documents may be, for example:

  • power of attorney, solemn declaration, notarial certificate, certificate of authenticity of a signature,
  • ID card, driving license, passport,
  • birth certificate, parental consenting declaration on the paternity of the child, certificate of no impediment to marriage, marriage certificate, death certificate,
  • extract from criminal records, full transcript of the criminal record, certificate of permanent residence,
  • certificate of receipt of child benefit, certificate of receipt of parental allowance, certificate of pension, certificate of health insurance, certificate of incapacity for work, certificate of termination of incapacity for work, certificate of income, employment contract, fixed job contract, performance contract, service provision agreement, work experience letter,
  • certificate, school-leaving examination certificate, apprenticeship certificate, certificate of study, statement of study results, certificate of state examination, diploma, certificate of professional competence, certificate of school visit,
  • trade license, extract from the commercial register, charter of incorporation, partnership agreement, articles of association, certificate of existence and liabilities of the company, certificate of business share, various types of contracts, general terms and conditions, tax return,
  • technical certificate, certificate of registration,
  • extract from the Land Registry, contract for the purchase/sale of real estate, lease agreement, testament and other documents related to inheritance proceedings,
  • judgment, resolution, notification, request for opinion, call for proposals, instruction, statement of the defendant, opposition, request for legal aid, response of the requested authority, examination of a witness, transcript, penal order, arrest warrant.


Depending on the nature of the text, I translate other documents and texts that are not official translations and do not need to be accompanied by a translation clause, in agreement with the client.